What a Said Sight – 2016 Ford Super Duty Prototype in Flames!

I bet that when you listen to the name of Ford Super Duty, the first thing that will come to your mind is (of course) a powerful truck and some kind of an off-road adventure. But unfortunately, instead of something beautiful and appealing like that, today we have the exact same opposite – a wonderful model of a 2016 Ford Super Duty prototype (or, what it use to be), blown away and burning in flames, somewhere down the road at the Death Valley in California.

To tell you the truth, even when the car is a total wreck and ready for the junkyard, I always get the blues, this sort of a nostalgia for that once great ride that is about to finish its life and purpose on this earth and asphalt. And when we have a something like this, a brand new, state of the art prototype model of 2016 Ford Super Duty that is vanishing in the smoke scene, it really breaks my heart.

We do not have info about what was the cause of this fire, but taken to an account that the role of a prototype is to detect the flaws in vehicle, than I guess we can say that this one filled up to its expectation. Better luck next time.

Enjoy the video below!

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