BUILT EVO vs CORVETTE C7 Supercharged/Nitrous Race!

What started as a little bet run between two friends, EVO vs Corvette, turned out to be one of the very best drag battles that we have seen lately! Full with adrenaline rush, very tide, greatly filmed with lots of good angles, mostly from the Chevy Corvette C7, there is not a single thing not to like about it. And, as they are saying in the video description, a rematch is really needed ASAP!

I`m sure that many of you will notice what the Corvette C7 driver did to the doors, but I think that it would be best if we ignore that part, because I honestly believe that there is absolutely no need for something like that, a Lambo-ish doors, when it comes to such an awesome Chevrolet Corvette!

What you are also undoubtedly going to notice is when our friend in the Corvette C7 is hitting the nitrous button, as he is approaching the finish line, as the revving sound gets on a much higher level. However, as above mentioned, it is an awesome and an exciting drag race, and if they really do a rematch, we will make sure that we get the video and show it to you!

Now check out this EVO vs Corvette race and see this great drag battle between the supercharged Corvette C7 and that built Evo yourself! And if you want to see another cool race between a Camaro and an LS2 Corvette, click here.