Want To Learn Something About The ELECTRIC TURBOS?!

Everyone who considers himself as a true muscle car aficionado (of course, I`m not putting aside the fans of the imports), knows at least a few things about his favorite car`s engine. Whether we are talking about a classic American V8 muscle, or some of those V12 monsters, how do they operate, where does all that power come from, and other tech stuff, usually for the ones who are completely devoted both to the mechanics, as well as to the awesome cars themselves… That is why from time to time, we are showing you video clips this electric turbos one, that are explaining some of the main things about how do the motors work, the differences between them, the advantages, the downsides, etcetera.

The following electric turbos clip that we have prepared for you in this article, is featuring the CNET editor at large, Brian Cooley, who is going to explain to us many things about the latest electric turbochargers, starting by going back to the well known 4-cylinder Eco Boost, which probably started the real focus on the eco-friendly turbocharged engines, and finishing with the latest in this technology, and why should they matter to all of us!

So, without further adieu and unnecessary delays by me, take a look at the following video clip and find out everything from the man who really knows what he is talking about! And as a relation to this subject, go to this link if you want to see the Formula 1`s new hybrid Turbo engine!