VW New Engine Cycle Called BUDACK Is A Piece Of Ingenuity!

When talking about brand new breakthroughs in the car industry, we must say that VW is one of the greatest of them all as they never fail to impress us, such as their latest ingenious invention which is actually the VW New Engine Cycle. This new system was implicated for the first time in their 2018 VW Tiguan. VW New Engine Cycle if more accurately called the “Budack” Cycle and it got its name from their engineer who actually developed it. There is a very nice animated footage from how this new type of engine and cycle looks like.

VW New Engine Cycle BUDACK 2

It is actually a variation of the Miller Cycle without a supercharger. In order to easily understand how this new cycle works, you need to know how the Atkinson cycle works.

This basically means that during the intake stroke, everything happens as usual. The intake valve opens, the piston moves down and pulls in the air filled mixture. During the compression stroke, the intake valve is left opened for a short duration and some of the intake charge is pushed away. This lowers the effective compression ratio. So with a lower compression ratio you are able to extract more expansion ratio thus meaning more power and efficiency of your vehicle.

The whole idea is that the piston has a longer distance to travel down and expand. VW New Engine Cycle reduces the amount of air that is pulled in which result in a lesser compression ratio. This new system might be the future of engine production and productivity!

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