How To Fix A Radial Tire With The Maruni Tire Patch! Good job! Wow that’s a lot of work!

The Maruni GBT Tire Patch is a repair material suitable for all types of bias tires. It can be used for a wide range of punctures. The patch is constructed with strong nylon cords and high quality rubber. This video explains how to fix a tire using the Maruni Tire Patch. First, mark off the damaged area using a crayon. For penetration punctures, also mark the inside of the tire. Cut the marked area using a rotary cutter. Next, check for separation and if necessary cut away that area. When building is completed, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any powder.

All powder must be removed to ensure quality results. Next, measure the size of the puncture hole. In the video`s example, the puncture hole is 3.9 inches. Thermal liquid needs to be applied to the entire surface of the puncture hole and then to be dried thoroughly. Immediately after, the silicone and dirt need to be removed from the spay area with a scraper. This is a very long and hard process that requires a lot of knowledge to accomplish. However, these tires are super expensive and we think that it`s better to try and fix it. For further elaboration, play the video below to see the Maruni Tire Patch in action!

If you are more of a picture wise learner, follow this link to the How To Patch A Tire image tutorial!