This Is One Of The Most Practical Vehicle Conversions You Have Ever Seen!

Ever wanted to take your jeep and just head out into the wilderness without worrying about where you`re going to sleep or the weather? Well, there`s a bunch of vehicle conversions for this purpose… However, I believe that this one is the wackiest, the most practical and of course the most satisfying vehicle of this kind I have ever seen. It must be a real pleasure to drive it and to spend the night in it as well…

Most Practical Vehicle Conversions Alu Cab 2_1

Alu cab is basically a tent that will perfectly fit the roof of your jeep, and there`s a bunch of modifications for it so that it will fit whatever type of jeep you may have! It`s made from really durable material and will survive any weather conditions no matter how unfit for human recreation they might be. This thing is safer than most for a multitude of reasons, but one of its main positive sides is that it`s so far off the ground, you can sleep in it anywhere without worrying about insects or other creepy crawlies!

It also protects from really strong winds and rain, so with one of these vehicle conversions you`re basically covered against anything nature can throw at you.

Look at the people in the video – none of them are worried that there`s going to be a storm, strong winds, an insect swarm coming in, a sand storm or literally anything else. The Alu Cab is perfect for all weather conditions!

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