LOUD 1200HP LOMA Supercharged Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT2!

The goal of every enthusiastic car lover is to make everybody turn their heads when they see the beast he/she is driving. But in order to achieve that, a great deal of work has to be done previously. Nevertheless, the other people`s jealousy will encourage you to work even harder to maintain the status you already have. If you can find yourself in this talk, than we have something for you. A jaw dropping car that will motivate you to get immediately to work! We are proud to present one really extraordinary beast! It is a word of 1200 horsepower (that`s right!) LOMA supercharged Vette Z06 GT2!

Now that`s something! Before you press play, you have got to prepare the sound devices. You might want to decrease the volume for this video! The sound created by this mean machine is definitely ear-piercing! In addition, we would also recommend to watch it in full-screen mode, for better perception and thus you will notice all the details. Frankly, there are many. Anyway, if you are a true gearhead you would put your hands together for this car, instead of being jealous.

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