UK’s Major Diesel Filters Problem! How to Avoid Breathing Polluted Air!

Among many tremendously big problems that people worldwide have been affected by, there is one in specific that has become bigger than ever. Of course we are talking about air pollution, specifically in the UK. You must be wondering, well how can this still be a problem when modern cars come with every possible filter that you need in order to emit less toxic gases? The answer is pretty simple. Modern diesel filters that are installed in cars from 2009 onward tend to get clogged up easily and replacing them can cost thousands of dollars.

Major Diesel Filters Problem 1

That`s why people go for another solution at their local mechanic that simply takes them off. Even though this is illegal, there were 1,800 cars that have been caught doing this since 2014. This number might only increase in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important what air pollution might do to your body hence we take a look at a nice explanation. Due to those tiny particles, which cannot be seen with your eyes, getting in your nose and then to your brain cells, the lives of people in Britain have been cut by six months.

So, if this problem continues to grow, it might have even worse consequences. Luckily, the authorities are planning on developing more improved tests that will make sure all diesel filters are installed properly and no one will take them out. Having in mind all of the aforesaid, we suggest watching the video below that gives you five tips on how to avoid air pollution.

And last but not least, if you want to see how one gigantic, CO2-sucking filter looks like, click here!