Tremendous Two Lane SNOW PLOW Drifting Through The Streets Of Missouri! Something We Need This Winter!

If you know something about Missouri, you`ll know that it gets pretty snowy over there. When you are dealing with so much snow every year, eventually you`ll learn new innovative methods to deal with the massive snow fall. In this video, we can see a very ingenious plow truck which has a very cool attachment that enables it to plow in two lanes. That`s one very efficient solution right there. When this two lane snow plow deploys, it sticks out at a 30-degree angle, looking a bit like a truck jackknifing. When drivers needs to pass this machine, they need to pass it only on the left, never on the right.

The two lane snow plow can cover widths of up to 25 feet, which is enough to clear two lanes at once. It`s used in 13 other states as well. This saves both a lot of money and personnel. For example, one of these costed the Michigan Department of Transportation 93,000 dollars. Managers have announced that this is well spent money. They are seeing thirty to forty percent savings. They are also seeing a five year payback. It`s very amazing and satisfying to see this vehicle in action. So, click on the video below, enjoy, and tell us your thoughts.

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