Turbocharged Pocket Rocket MINI! Weighing Just Over a Half a Tonne!

There are thousands and thousands of ways in which you can modify your vehicle to make it unique and one of a kind. It seems that people these days do it more often than ever hence everyone wants to have a car that the world has not seen so far. A simple paint job will do the work, but if you are an enthusiast and you have some extra cash to spend, completely overhauling and modifying your car is also acceptable. Even though we have previously came across many different stories and videos in which the Mini Cooper was the big thing, it is time to take a look at yet another one i.e. the turbocharged Pocket Rocket Mini that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Turbocharged Pocket Rocket MINI Weighing Just Over a Half a Tonne 2

This young man got the Mini about 7 years ago and when he bought it; all there was to it was the bare shell. He managed to go a long way and build the ultimate turbocharged Pocket Rocket Mini. It is extremely light weight and the owner can lift it up. It has got 156 HP.

There are lots of things that have been changed, but the Mini has maintained its shape. Considering its size and weight, this Mini is extremely fast and the best part about it is the amazing sound it makes whilst pushing it to the limit. It is an absolute pleasure simply to listen to its amazing and glorious roaring sound.

What do you think, is this the best Mini ever?