Trucks Drifting Out Of Control At High Speeds!

Apparently, being a truck driver means that you sometimes have to get a little insane. Now I don`t know if all of these trucks drifting around the road survived, nor did they have any mechanical damages that cost the driver a lot of money, but they sure are fun to look at! If you`re driving a steel beast with an attached weight of a few tons, you probably don`t want to make a hard right in order to avoid a bump on the road. Well, most of these guys would disagree, as I`m sure you`ll see from the video.

Watching trucks drifting out of control and then right back in brings a sense of security, however, since in the end most of them make it out alright, I guess it`s okay to laugh as well. It doesn`t matter if they`re carrying stacks of boxes, palettes or a whole bunch of cars – these drivers are so professional that it doesn`t matter. Everything stays right on its spot without moving a single inch. Try doing that without any training! Sometimes, they even have an additional trailer attached to an already huge trailer and it`s really hard to control when you have to make a hard turn at great speeds. Props to these guys though, they nail it!

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