Trike Bikes are for Road Use Only? Check This Trike Mudding Challenge!

Today, we have prepared you a great and funny video from Thailand, with a guy on a tricycle doing a trike mudding challenge – Thai Style! We have a typical vehicle for this part of a world, a multitask tricycle (well, usually it is a small and regular motorcycle, but that is because we are use to watching them in urban areas) that can do a transport tasks, agricultural activities and in this case, showing off just how easy it can handle a typical rice field, full of water and mud.

But this video is also showing us just how much inventive can people become, giving the right circumstances. When you do not have enough money to buy a real tractor to work on the fields, you put on your brain on high functioning and you come up with something like this.

A tricycle that can do a farming job (still better than using an animal, right?) and from time to time, you can also use it to shot a video like this, in which you are just having simple and plain fun.

Who says that only westerners and greedy capitalists can do it? You really think that you need to throw a ten, fifteen thousand dollars just to have trike mudding? Go and tell that to this guy!

Anyway, if you have a toddler at home and you want a trike for it, take these into consideration!