DMax Drag Truck Team Pulled a Score in Thailand: 8.2 at 164mph!

The guys that you are about to see are better known as “Team Thailand” and in this video, they are making their ever best time, which is also the best for any diesel machine in Thailand. It is needless to say how much this guys are proud of their achievement and we can also say that the entire Thai nations feels the same way about them too. Therefore, as a sign of appreciation of this two way respect and honor, Thai guys are having “Long Live the King” stickers on their vehicle (in honor for the king of Thailand) and using flowers for praying ritual before the start of the race. And what a race it was!? With their Isuzu DMax Drag Truck that is powered with a Turbo Diesel four Cylinder Engine, these guys broke the diesel record for their team and the whole nation of Thailand. Their time is 8.2 seconds at 164 miles per hour.

And they are not planning to stop there, but are very much confident that they can do even better, achieving a time under eight seconds. Just go for it guys! Check out more about this crazy demon!

Enjoy the video below!

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