Travel 101: What Do I Need For an International Driving License?

Why is the IDP Mandatory? Need help getting your international driving permit? Find out in this short post. If you’re planning on traveling, your IDP is just as important as your passport. Some countries will recognize your International Driving License, but others will not. Look for the restraints that reside within your preferred country’s jurisdictions, as the requirements can change with the country’s borders.

Travel 101 What Do I Need For an International Driving License 3

An IDP is a 10 language translation of your domestic driver’s license. If need be, your IDP can help with communication. For instance, if you are pulled over by traffic authority or the police in a foreign country, the IDP will help them translate your information and speak to you clearly.

After you get an international driving permit online, the license is valid for 1 year. Also, it lists the vehicle categories that you`ve applied to. It acts as an extra ID that`s used for better clarification.

However, the IDP doesn’t replace your passport, and you’ll always have to carry your domestic ID as well. Anyone that’s 18 or over who has your driver’s license issued by your resident country can obtain an IDP.

What Documents Do I Need To Have to Drive in Europe

You don’t need an IDP to drive in Europe. There are additional documents that you require, whether you’re traveling to Spain, going through a journey within the Loire Valley, or taking a 2,000 mile trip across the continent.

It`s also important that your car is insured in all of the countries you`re planning to visit. So make sure you check with your insurance company to ensure that you`re fully covered. If not, you`ll have to enhance your existing insurance for your trip or take out another insurance policy.

Here are the required documents:

  • Passport (Proof of ID)
  • Valid driving license
  • V5C Certificate to Show You Own the Vehicle
  • European breakdown cover documents and policy number
  • Proof of Insurance

Travel 101 What Do I Need For an International Driving License 2

What Document Is Needed To Drive in the US

Do you plan on driving through the Pacific Coast of California? You can travel and rent a car in the US if you have your UK IDP for as long as you’ve held it for a year. So make sure you get your IDP to ensure that you can travel without any issue.

In most situations, you’ll have to be 21 or older to be given a key to obtain a rental car, while other countries require you to be 25 years old. You will need an ETSA and passport to enter into the US, and this information is needed if you want to rent a car.

Before traveling, its best to make sure you have your important documents nearby. This will reduce the time it takes to get your information processed and understood by local law enforcement.


To conclude, we believe that everyone should get an international driving permit online. By doing this, you make it easier to travel without experiencing language barriers. Thus, get one to ensure that you can travel safely and efficiently on your next vacation.

Do you have any questions on using your driving permit?

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