Top Tips on Avoiding Car Accidents While Driving

Every time you get into a car, you`re responsible for your own and other`s safety. Whether you`re driving a powerful SUV or a sleek hybrid, you need to know how to stay in your lane. Road safety is often talked about, especially to new drivers and about the avoiding car accidents. In fact, there is a video to inform new drivers about accidents. Make sure you pay attention to this and other cautionary material. Car accidents are no joke!

Top Tips on Avoiding Car Accidents While Driving 1

Here`s how to avoid them.

#1: Be Cautious At Intersections

Whenever you pull out onto the road, you need to take some time. Inspect your blind spots properly, and look into both your rear view and windshield mirrors.

Often, pillars can hide road signs behind them. Listen to your surroundings, look around you and stop until you feel it`s safe to drive. Look around you at least twice before you pull out into an intersection because cars can appear out of literally nowhere. Be extra careful here.

#2: Stay Alert at Traffic Lights

Whenever you`re entering a green light intersection, especially if this is a busy junction, count to three. This will ensure that you give yourself enough time to pull out carefully. A lot of people try to speed through yellow lights and this can cause nasty accidents.

Be sure to look in all directions and exercise caution around larger vehicles such as trucks. Truck drivers often have blind spots on their right side so be extra careful here. Keep in mind that if you can`t spot the truck`s side mirrors, then the driver won`t be able to see you and you might have a collision!

#3: Drive With Both Hands on the Wheel

It`s quite easy to get distracted while you`re driving. You could be doing anything like texting someone back, changing the radio station or even being lost in your thoughts.

All of these are potential hazards and will cause you to be less careful while driving. You need to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times to avoid accidents.

#4: Watch Out for Errant Kids

Children and small animals can often take you by surprise on the road. You definitely won`t spot them if you`re not paying attention. Remember that if you`re driving through a school zone, you will need to pay extra attention. There are always road signs that signal warnings but you might miss them if you`re distracted by something else.

#5: Check your rear view frequently

Remember that you can`t just rely on mirrors while you drive. You need to be alert in other ways as well. Always look over your shoulder when you`re reversing/steering because this will help you avoid nasty fender benders especially in constricted spaces like parking lots.

#6: Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating can cause some major accidents so make sure you avoid it at all costs. Remember to leave a buffer gap of around 3-4 seconds with the car in front of you. You might be tempted to tailgate when you`re in a hurry, but you have to resist temptation. It`s so much better to be late than to be in a collision!