TOP NEWS! Tomorrow (27th of March), a new Equus will rise! Join us for the reveal:

new equus 2013 new york auto show!

Tomorrow on 27th of March, new Equus Centennial) will be unveilled . Join us for the the Equus Debut:  Join us on  27th of March, 2013 to watch the Live Broadcast of the New York Auto Show! #NYIAS #hyundai #livestream About 7,200 people bought this full-size luxury sedan. Hyundai is selling Equus in  U.S. since its debut in 2010.

This well-known limousine has been part of the rich palette by Hyundai since 1999. Although the first generations were not remarkable, every successor of this model came up with more and more sophisticated features that helped Hyundai to get a place on the market for sedans.

Therefore, we invite you again to join us watching this unexpected premiere that will definitely shock all major car manufacturers. I bet we will love this model and that all other competitors will come up with a decent answer.

What do you think? Will Hyundai deliver its promise that their models are futuristic and always in alignment with the newest trends?

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