Top 6 Cleaning Items for Your Car

In many cases, for most people, cleaning their cars is one of the special things they do during the weekend and at a precious time. People take time to thoroughly scrub off stubborn dust and clean up the interior without forgetting to clean the paintwork of the car. After all, who don’t want their cars to look brand new again? Well, below are ten items that will help you clean up your car, and get the best result with minimal effort with these cleaning items:

Top 6 Cleaning Items for Your Car 2
  1. Bucket and Sponge

These are the basics, but the list wouldn’t be complete without them. For you to achieve a continuous soapy water supply to clean a large car, you’ll definitely need a sizeable and good-quality bucket. 

You could also go for two buckets -- one with fresh water, and the other with soapy water. Good quality of sponge is very significant in this case as it will help you reduce scratches to any of your car’s paintwork.

A sponge made of a lamb’s wool is the best, and it will protect the paintwork’s fragile surface and still clean thoroughly.

  • Grift Guard

A grift guard is meant to stop any dirt from swirling and getting into the sponge. After running the sponge over the car, simply rub the sponge on the grit guard.

  • Car Wash Liquid

In today’s market, there are several car washing liquids, and it may be challenging to select the best from the variety. The big secret is to choose a liquid with a neutral pH. This will be important in the elimination of the hard water components that may be left on the paintwork. 

  • Wheel Brush and Wheel Cleaner

The wheels of any car are subjected to road grime, tar, and brake dust, and can be stubborn during cleaning. But then, there’s a cleaner that’s designed specifically for that, and when it’s combined with a wheel brush, it works even more effectively.

  • Microfiber Towels and Chamois

After washing and rinsing your car, you need to dry it, and microfiber drying clothes will do this in the best way possible. During some time back, chamois was best known for this, but now, the microfiber clothes dry the car paint perfectly in a more convenient manner.

All you need to do is to buy a microfiber with good quality and high GSM.

  • Interior Wipes and Cleaners

The interior of any vehicle is very significant during car cleaning. One reason is that this is where most individuals spend their time, and therefore, it’s likely to wear and tear quickly.

For the surfaces to stay longer and safer, you need to protect them and keep them in good conditions. The carpets are to be vacuumed, and the fabrics are to be cleaned using clean water and a piece of cloth.

For keeping your car exterior clean, you can get car covers. 

The Bottom Line

The above steps are so simple to follow for the sake of keeping your car in the best condition, and enjoy all the time you spend in it. Also, when you follow these steps, your car will stay safe, and its operating condition will always be okay.  Click here to learn almost everything about how to maintain your car.