Top 5 Little Things in Car Owner’s Life – Daily Essentials

Top 5 Little Things in Car Owner's Life – Daily Essentials 1

The things enumerated in this list are the bare necessities that every driver owns. But do you actually know how to pick the best items for your car? This simple list will save you a lot of time and money. So easy to get lost in the variety of offers, brands, and options. Use the car owner’s life guide for whenever you need to shop for car daily essentials.

1.     Jumper Cables

Want to have the best jumper cables? Here are some features you need to look for:

  • Heavy duty clamps, make sure your jumper clamps are large. This way you can be certain that your hands are secured from the sparks.
  • Wire length. Depending on the jumpstarting scenario the required wire length might be different. You might have to jumpstart a car behind you etc, then you might need at least 20 ft.
  • Wire gauge. Gauge 10 will be good for a smaller car but normally you should go for 6 to 8. The smaller the number is the thicker the cables are.

2.     Spare Tire

Besides your regular spare tire, there are many other amazing options to fix a flat one. For example, you can use an emergency tire that will help you get to the car repair station. It is a quick emergency fix. An emergency tire cannot substitute a regular one in the long ride.

You also have many amazing tire sealers and inflators to be used as an on-the-spot solution for a deflated tire. However, you need to go directly to the tire shop and fix the issue asap. A must have for your daily essentials!

3.     Repair 101

Keep your car manual handy, it is better to always know where you have it. Believe it or not, this basic essential is often overlooked. Besides, you should also make sure that you have a business card with your repair shop contacts handy.

The car insurance claim should also be in the car. Always keep it in the same compartment so you can easily find it in case of an accident.

Top 5 Little Things in Car Owner's Life – Daily Essentials 2

4.     Tire Pressure Gauge

Make sure to check the pressure in your tires on a regular basis. Ideally, you should do it every day. The correct tire pressure provides you with multiple benefits:

  • Fuel economy. Low tire pressure increases fuel consumption.
  • Longer operational life. Sufficient tire pressure allows for even gradual wear and tear. Insufficient tire pressure causes your tires to wear out in patches.
  • The correct tire pressure allows for the best contact with the tarmac and less skidding.

5.     Emergency Safety Hammer

This one should always be kept in your glove compartment. Do not keep it in the trunk as it should be accessible whenever there is an emergency due to an accident. The window breaker is vital when you need to get out of the car ASAP and do not have access to the door handle or the door is blocked.

6.     Safety Belt Cutter

This one should be kept in the glove compartment as well. This tool is very affordable and easy to get your hands on. Yet it usually gets overlooked. Keep it in the car and one day it might save your life.