This is How You Perform a Shelby Cobra Drift in Your Living Room!

I bet that there was a moment in your life when you also wanted to do this crazy, insane and funny thing that the guy in this video is doing – making a `serious` Shelby Cobra drift inside your living room and leaving a trail of skid marks all over the floor! If not yours, than someone else`s, especially if the guy had stepped on your tow and you want to do some little payback.

Well, most of us maybe just imagining a thing like that, but the guy on the video you are about to see is one of the rare ones who had actually done this crazy stuff. I do not know how he managed to get the car inside, but the fact is that the amazing Shelby Cobra drift is inside!

Maybe it is his daily routine, or perhaps a rare medical condition like agoraphobia to a guy who also happens to be addicted to sports cars, so he has to have one by himself, I don`t know.

But this sure is one of the best videos I have seen lately that really made my day. Check it out!

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Enjoy the video below!

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