2015 Ford Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra Caught On Test Drive!

The Shelby GT500 SVT Mustang is quite a mystery for everybody, except, of course for Ford`s team.

Rumor has it that Ford shall replace the next-generation Mustang with a revived Cobra model and will rename the good ol` Shelby.

Enjoy the video below!


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Well, regardless of what Ford does with the range-topping Mustang in the next generation, it is quite a fact that its engineers are busy working on something top notch. In the video above you`ll get a chance to see a fortunate man that so happened upon a next-gen Mustang on public roads with a rather velar engine note. So, the conclusion is obvious. This is a hopped-up variant of the Mustang and likely the Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra or whatever Ford decides to call it.

Can this simply be a test for the 2015 Mustang GT? Well, sure it can, but that would be one hell of an exhaust note for a GT Mustang, and that quad-exhaust system simply doesn`t simply looks as something Ford would put on the Mustang GT.

Whatever version of Mustang they decided to put through, we sure as hell love to watch new teasers.

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