I`m sure that I do not have to tell you that for many people who are always looking for an off-road adventure, designing, creating and building the ultimate All Terrain Vehicle is at the same time the biggest challenge and most beautiful pleasure. Because having a powerful machine that can handle and overcome various and difficult bounty holes is an imperative that goes deep into the human nature and the competitive instinct to be better and to be able to `tame` the nature.

But I guess that no matter how bad and powerful machine the man builds, whether it is some ultra-powerful truck with a killer suspension and huge rims, or one of a kind ATV that looks like it can go to the very pits of hell, it seems that there is always another bounty hole from hell, bigger, meaner and absolutely untamable!

Here we have one such an example, in which you will see a group of guys, equipped with really great and powerful ATVs, who are totally powerless in the battle with that devilish mud hole.

So take a look at the bounty holes video below and see what I`m trying to say. And if you are interested to see some of the best ATVs currently on the market, click here.