When we say Muscle cars, we mean power and class, but by that we can also refer to something else – The U.S. NAVY SHIPS!!! This week we stand out a little bit of our main focus on the muscle cars, as the vessels that our military has, equally deserve a place on our site. So far, we have met the undetectable navy vessel M80 Stilleto, which is built totally from carbon fiber. Another combat boat that is also invisible for the radar is the so-called Ghost which costs $15 million, but it is not owned by the military. Weird, right? Today, we have another super fast stealth ship that was part of the U.S. Navy – the powerful IX529 Sea Shadow.

Built in 1984, this ship looks like a mighty cockroach skimming across the water. Actually, the video below gives the first exclusive look on this experimental stealth ship that shares similar design and technology with the Stealth Fighter. The costs for building the IX529 Sea Shadow, which portion above water is connected to the twin hulls via the 2 angled struts, were around $295 million. In 2012, it was sold for scrap, but even today everybody admires its capability and power. The admiration for the IX529 Sea Shadow shouldn`t surprise anyone. After all, this ship was one of the best kept secrets of the US Military. In fact, even top ranking officers had no idea that the IX529 existed! Luckily for us, there is a video of this astonishing project, so we can see what scientists have been testing for 8 years! To find out more information about the vigorous Sea Shadow, feel free to click on the video below. You will most certainly be impressed by the Sea Shadow!

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