The Top 7 Fastest Stock Motorcycles

What could be better than fast-track driving? Imagine that you have a fast motorcycle and can develop incredible speed to enjoy the moment. Isn’t it great? There are quite a few great bikes you can buy to compete with your friends in a safe environment. Here are seven stock motorcycles that are faster than the wind!

The Top 7 Fastest Stock Motorcycles 1

1.   MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K

And here is the first candidate for purchase on this list. The Superbike Y2K looks aggressive and expensive, so you’re sure to grab attention on the streets. With a 2-speed semi-automatic transmission and a powerful motor, this monster can reach speeds of up to 250 mph. Of course, you are unlikely to take risks in the city and rush along the highway in a stream of vehicles. However, this bike is ideal for quick trips outside the city or sporting events. Overall, the symbiosis of technical innovation and style made the Superbike Y2K a good option for speed fans.

2.   Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The Ninja H2R looks like a spaceship in the motorcycle form factor. This monster can accelerate up to 240 mph and even more. In part, these figures were made possible by innovative technologies applied to creating the engine, transmission, and fuel injection system. You should test this beast if you find the Ninja H2R at your local motorcycle club. Get ready to experience the power and drive combined with stylish design. If you are a student, you should use the “pay for essay” option in advance. The fact is that you are in for such excitement that you`ll hardly write papers for a couple of days.

3.   Lightning LS-218

One of the key features of this motorcycle is the IPM liquid-cooled electric motor. The Lightning LS-218 is capable of accelerating up to 218 mph, which is an excellent result. Plus, you’ll love the modern styling and spider headlights that give the bike a brutal look. It’s also the fastest street-legal motorcycle in its segment, so electric motor fans should be delighted. However, the high price may be the only stopping factor for many people. Despite the fully automatic assembly, this model is highly reliable and looks perfect.

4.   Ducati 1199 Panigale R

Ducati is a brand associated exclusively with fast and beautiful motorcycles. So this is why you should pay attention to the 1199 Panigale R. This track-only monster has exceptional handling and will surprise even experienced riders. In addition to the stylish design and extremely comfortable seat, the bike can accelerate to 202 mph on a flat track. Even though the first model was introduced in 2012, this bike is still one of the leaders. So this is why you can choose the Panigale R if you want to buy a fast vehicle.

5.   Suzuki Hayabusa

The first generation of this legendary bike was introduced in 1999. Thanks to the liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline engine, the Hayabusa could accelerate to 194 mph. Of course, the design and construction of the seat signals that the vehicle is intended for racing. Nevertheless, no one forbids you to ride such a bike around the city. Suzuki Hayabusa is a symbiosis of power and elegance. But do not forget that the first generation has a more powerful engine than the newer models, so you will have to look for a bike for a long time.

6.   MV Agusta F4 R 312

The F4 R 312 is another iconic bike on this list. Imagine that you can accelerate to 193 mph in just 5-7 seconds. MV Agusta F4 R 312 became available to buyers in 2007 and gained considerable popularity. Naturally, the bike will be of interest to riders. However, collectors and fans of the brand can also buy a motorcycle to enjoy comfortable driving around the city and a powerful engine. It should be noted that fuel consumption is moderate enough, so that this model will be an excellent option for speed lovers.

7.   BMW S1000RR

What do you associate with the BMW brand? You will most likely recall a few sedans and crossovers. But what about motorcycles? The BMW S1000RR is a real beast, capable of accelerating to 188 mph thanks to the 999 CC 16-valve engine. Stylish exterior design and excellent road control made this bike a top seller in 2009. Even now, the BMW S1000RR is the envy of many competitors. The company created a symbiosis of beauty, aggressiveness, and power that is worth seeing in person.


Every year the companies create new motorcycles that are a symbiosis of style and innovative technology. If you are looking for the fastest bikes, these seven models may be the perfect option. It should be noted that each bike has a unique design, engine type, and technology responsible for maneuverability and control on the road. Any collector and fan of speed should see all seven models live, as even the best photo cannot convey the emotions that each bike evokes.