Check out The New 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Test Drive!

As we all know pretty well, somewhere in the late 2000s started the new introduction of the factory-made drag musclecars. And along with other car manufacturers like Ford, Dodge also joined in this club. With a model like Challenger Hellcat, Dodge really has something to be proud of. But this machine is much more for higher level drag racers, and for the regular drag cars enthusiasts and semi-pros, something a little bit different is needed. That is where this type of muscle cars comes in to play… In this Dodge Challenger Drag Pak test drive, Dodge is showing us the first glimpse of this great factory built drag monster, with everything that a `normal` car should have, like headlights, taillights and other features. If you ask me, these things are making a car like this awesome 2015 Dodge Challenger even more appealing.

So, we have a video of the latest product of Mopar Performance Parts and SRT Motorsports engineers, having a test drive on the drag strip. It is powered by a 426ci Race HEMI and it is about to make its debut on a quarter mile as fast as it possibly can. By now, we saw the performance of Camaro and Cobra Jet and today, it is time for my favorite car, the one and only Dodge Challenger. Watch the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak video and tell me what you think.

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Enjoy the video below!

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