GREATEST MOTORSHOW Isle Of Man TT – 200mph Street BIKE Racing!

Are you excited to see the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy this year? This one, like every other so far is going to be filled with adrenaline, speed, drifts, cheering and trophy winning! But, like every year, one thing will be missing. One thing that we call FEAR! Street bike racing riders the Isle of Man are not even introduced to the term fear. Regardless all the accidents that we have all witnessed on the roads of Mann, the guys here do not even want to discuss that topic!

For those who are not well introduced to this event, here`s a brief introduction: The Isle of Man TT is one of the world`s most respected Motor Racing Contests! For a period of time of 13 years, The Isle of Man TT was part of Formula`s TT 1 Championship! Don`t miss this year`s clash where riders will achieve high speed on very narrow and twisting roads witch are flanked by stones and buildings! As we said earlier, safety is not one of the bright sides of this event, but after all, safety is not something that the Isle of Man TT competitors want!

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