The Genesis Coupe Will Get A 3.3T And AWD!!! You Have To See This!

Hold up guys, because this is going to be awesome! We guess that Hyundai Genesis Coupe is getting a great jolt when it comes to performance! After doing all the tests, great results were noticed. The 3.3L engine is MINDBLOWING! Seriously, get a load of that!

hyndai tt3 motor 2

The Korean Car blog says that This Twin Turbo V6 engine is probably going to be for an N Performance version of the Coupe! Hyundai`s CEO pointed out that this car will probably hang out with the 430 HP cars! All we can do is sit and wait! Enjoy it, guys!

Anyway, this is one of the best Hyundai Genesis reviews!

hyndai tt3 motor 1