The First ASTON MARTIN Vulcan Car Is Coming To The States!

If you`re from Cleveland or had the chance to be there over the last couple of days, then you should have visited the company`s outlet where the Aston Martin Vulcan Car was exposed for a couple of days! After all the negotiations, the car turned out red and costs $2.3 million!

red aston martin vulcan cover

red aston martin vulcan 9

red aston martin vulcan 4

This car was first shown at Geneva Motor Show 2015 and is set to compete with some of the hot shots such as Ferrari FXX and McLaren P1 GTR! The engine is powered by a 7.0 L V12 motor producing up to 800 Horsepower! It weighs 2976 lbs! What a machine!

Finally, read more about this car, here!

red aston martin vulcan 1