The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers

If you`re heading out onto the road for the first time, having only recently passed your test (or not even having done that), then you`ll be in want of a certain kind of car: one that`s compact, cheap to run, and which won`t burden you with exorbitant insurance costs. You can limit your expenses with a Gap insurance quote, and by re-inflating your tyres regularly. But you can also choose the right car in the first place. Thankfully, first-time buyers have no shortage of entry-level cars to choose from.

The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers 1

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been around for more than four decades, and a sizeable chunk of British motorists have owned one at one point or other. This is the car to beat in this category, thanks to its winning combination of features and performance. You`ll pay a little bit more for the privilege of driving a Fiesta, but the advantages of doing so are considerable.

The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers 4

Volkswagen Polo

While it`s nowhere near as popular as the Fiesta, the Polo fulfils much the same need. Now in its sixth generation, the new Polo is superficially very similar to its predecessor. With that said, the interior is noticeably more spacious, thanks to a thinner chassis, and there are plenty of technological niceties built into the dashboard.

The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers 6

Skoda Fabia

A Fabia is an attractive point of entry into car-ownership, thanks to its affordability and efficiency. The new, third car to bear the Fabia name is around 17 per cent cheaper to run than its predecessor. There are five trims to choose from, each of which will appeal to a slightly different sort of motorist.

The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers 3

Vauxhall Adam

Next up we have the Adam: a small car that`s very squarely aimed at urban commuters. It`s eye-catching and funky, in much the same way as the similarly-proportioned Kia Picanto, and it was named after the founder of Vauxhall`s sister company, Opel. If you`re not looking for much in the way of boot space, and you don`t envision yourself carrying around passengers any time soon, then it`s a sensible choice.

The Best Cars for First-Time Buyers 2

Kia Picanto

The Picanto has established itself as a vehicle of choice for emissions-conscious motorists. Sure, it`s still running on a traditional petrol engine, but you`ll get low CO2 emissions, and a distinctive style that`s certain to draw attention. Aesthetically, the car is aimed at a younger, bolder driver, and those of us over a certain age might end up looking a bit ridiculous. But for most first-time buyers, it`s a stylish choice.