The Advantages of Having a Small Car

When the time comes to buy a new car it can be difficult to determine what the best type is for your needs. Many motorists believe that a small car will not fit in with their lifestyle, but often you will find that this is not actually the case and that a small car brings a whole host of benefits over their larger counterparts especially for the distracted driving in the cities. So, what are the benefits of a smaller vehicle? Places like Peter Vardy carry a wide range of excellent small cars, like the Mini One, for affordable prices.

The Advantages of Having a Small Car 2

Cheaper to Buy

The most obvious benefit is that these vehicles are usually much cheaper to buy due to their small size. A small hatchback will always be cheaper than an SUV due to the fact that fewer materials are needed during manufacturing which makes them a smart choice for those looking to save money.

Places like Peter Vardy carry a wide range of excellent small cars, like the Mini One, for affordable prices.

Cheaper to Run

Similarly, smaller cars are much cheaper to run too so those on a tight budget should certainly be looking at compact cars.

These cars usually have lower insurance premiums because they are not as powerful as their larger counterparts, plus they are usually more fuel efficient which means that you spend less on petrol while also minimising environmental damage (this also makes them cheaper to tax).

More Eco-Friendly

As mentioned, the fuel efficiency of the engines make these cars more fuel efficient and this is furthered by the fact that less fuel was required to make them and they take up less space in landfill. 

This is important in a time where environmental damage is such a big topic.

Easier to Manoeuvre

Compact cars can be much easier to drive with greater control than a larger vehicle, such as an SUV. This makes them ideal for those that live in large cities or small streets where it can be congested and you must have great control over the vehicle. This also means that smaller vehicles are much easier to parallel park too -- an area many motorists struggle with!

Less Maintenance

Due to their smaller engines, a compact car usually requires less maintenance than a V6 or a V8 which saves hassle, time and money.

There are many benefits to buying a small car and often they will be a smart choice for a motorist. They can also have a surprising amount of space inside so even a family can enjoy the benefits of a smaller vehicle.