Tesla Cybertruck In An Intense Tug Of War VS F-150

From time to time we witness some true engineering breakthroughs which always manage to surprise us. However, no one of could have ever been prepared for what Tesla had up its sleeve. Even though for the truck that they have just recently released we believed that it was as spectacular and unique as it can get, boy we were wrong. Musk has just dropped a bombshell by unveiling his brand-new Tesla Cybertruck and one thing is for sure; this is NOT your normal high-end truck. The thing about it that stands out the most has to be its extravagant look. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but let us be honest, this is something that Musk is best at.

After years of hard work and magnificent engineering, the final product was finally released. Many were left speechless upon first glance at the Tesla Cybertruck and this is with a reason.

Even though there were some issues during the unveiling, finally it all finished well and many have already made pre-orders for the truck and will be expecting to get it in 2021. It looks like 2021 is far away but let us be honest; it is simply worth waiting for such a machine.

However, as it is with every new car or truck, there will always be some critics and haters who simply do not like it at all. The Tesla Cybertruck was not exception to this unwritten rule and was followed by harsh mockery mainly because its “childish” look. Some even said that the truck was actually designed by some children who had just drawn their first truck.

Also, another thing that many people suspected was its performance and this is why Musk decided to do an experiment and prove everyone wrong. Namely, he stated that his Tesla Cybertruck is better than the Ford F-150. Wow, what a way to launch your new product.

He decided to put these two awesome vehicles one against the other in a tug-of-war duel to finally end the discussion. As it can be seen from the video below, the Cybertruck had no problems of pulling the F-150 and not just that, it even pulled it up a hill. This is definitely a prove that its all-wheel Dual motor electric drive is better than the 3.5l EcoBoost V6 that the F-150 has, but is it so?

Ranging more or less at around the same price of just under $50,000, we must admit that both of these trucks offer something special. However, Ford fans were not silent after the video was released and immediately began accusing Musk that he used a Ford truck without all-wheel drive and also using not appropriate tire types.

For many people this duel was not simply a “fair fight”. There has always been a hard competition between these two manufacturing giants but after this “conflict” we can expect that the battle will heat up even more.

Below you can take a look at some awesome picture from the amazing Tesla Cybertruck.

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