These 350,000 Ford F-150 Trucks Might Be In Danger! Here’s Why!

Many would think that if you purchase a brand new vehicle, you would not have problems with it for a long time. Well, this was certainly not the case with the one and only Ford F-150 trucks. As much as 350,000 units might be in danger, as it was announced by the company. So what is actually the problem and why this brand new vehicle is in trouble? Well, the 2018 models, such as the F-150, the expedition models and the F-650 are suffering from a major issue. The transmission has a fault clip, that could potentially might come loose. This will prevent the vehicle from shifting through gears, which is very dangerous situation. The drivers might find themselves in a life-threatening situation. This is why every local dealership is going to be busy these days replacing and fastening the clip.

ford f-150 trucks in danger 1

Besides the news for the Ford F-150 trucks, we have something in hand for you about Chevrolet. Namely, their latest models for 2019, the Chevrolet Malibu and Cruze will be having updates. This means that the Malibu will get the new CTV for its awesome 1.5L engine. Besides it, the car will get a brand new sportish trim, which looks awesome. Also, the Aston Martin that debuted 3 years ago, is getting an electric powertrain. What an amazing news this is! Every Aston Martin lover will enjoy in the electric elegance of the car. Once you take a look at the car, you will soon realize how awesome that machine really is. The interior awesome. It has an awesome design that will engage every car lover into liking it. Anyways, if you have one of the brand new Ford F-150 trucks, make sure to visit your local dealership!

Before you leave, make sure to check out the awesome Aston Martin design in detail!