Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach!

Check out this amazing Terra Wind first class amphibious motorcoach. This thing that is very comfortable on the land as it is on the lake. Its maximum highway speed is 80 mph and its maximum speed on the water is 7 knots.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach 4

This high class Amphibious Motorcoach is very well furnished and its leather dashboard resembles to an airplane cockpit, because it has a lot of gauges and instruments. Of course there is a GPS, board computer docking system, moving maps, internet access and navigational charts. That’s the standard equipment and the customer can order it with a lot of extras.

It can be designed according to the buyer’s needs, with any entertainment systems, floor plans, interior decoration, electronics, furniture, floor, graphics, paint and it ca be custom tailored to the customer needs. The Terra Wind shown in the video costs approximately $1.200.000 but the price depends on the options and extras chosen.

Do you think it would be cool if all vehicles are equipment to go in the water? Do you think that would be an awesome thing? We are pretty sure there are many people who needs this kind of vehicle.

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Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

Posted by Viral in USA on Thursday, August 24, 2017