TOP 7 – Tax The Rich 100 Supercar Videos! Check Out This Exotic Car Rally Extravaganza! Sacrilege Or Inspiration?!

For all of you who don`t know, Tax The Rich 100 is a YouTube account with the sole concept to terrorize ultra-expensive, ultra-rare cars like the Ferrari Enzo, Jaguar XJ220 and Rolls-Royce Phantom! They are the brilliant minds who came up with the idea of putting luxurious cars in farmer fields for some exotic car rally!

In this first video, you`ll see something never seen before. It`s a 650HP, ultra-expensive and ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo rallying throughout a farmer`s field! This supercar is forced to go sideways and incredibly airborne. All of this purely for your entertainment! This may be the basis for a very cool supercar rally championship.

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