Supercar Meet At Starbelly & Cars Event In Calgary, Canada! Ferrari Enzo ZXX And Many More Were There!

Supercar Meet Ferrari Enzo ZXX TN
If you ever go to Calgary, Canada, make sure you visit the Starbelly restaurant in south east part of town. You might just run into a supercar meet event called “Starbelly & Cars”! The restaurant hosted this magnificent show where supercar enthusiasts and owners showed off their rides!

Supercar Meet Ferrari Enzo ZXX 13

Many cool rides have been spotted at the supercar meet event! Such was the Ferrari Enzo ZXX which grasped the attention of many. Moreover, the event was blessed by Porsche 911 GT3, R8 Audi and others! This is the first event of the year where 15 cars showed up. Feel free to visit the gallery!