When it comes to creation of extra luxurious rides, it seems that in this day of age, only sky is the limit. We have seen so many ultra-luxurious limousines, yachts, trucks…but today we are going to show you something a little bit different, that could very well set new standards, when it comes to the luxury of airborne experience… What you are about to see in the following video is the joined effort of the famous German airline Lufthansa, and their compatriot carmakers, the one and only Mercedes-Benz, to create the most luxurious jet cabin concept ever.

It is a new project which is still in development for the Lufthansa`s fleet of small and medium private jets, but from what we can see so far, it definitely boasts an array of abundant features, like the electronically controlled windows, to darken the inner space when required, pretty much similar to the “Magic Sky” technology , which Mercedes-Benz has implemented in its S-Class cars.

Another addition by Mercedes is the integration of the digital touch-screen displays in a form of a panel, so that the passengers could have an easy access to everything he wants.

Inside the luxurious jet cabin, there is also an abundance of plush wraparound sofas, luxurious leather seats, hardwood floors, double bed, and many other gadgets, meant to turn this new jet cabin into the world`s most luxurious examples.

Just watch the video below and see this ultimate luxury yourself, and try to imagine what would be like to chill out in it at 30 000 feet! And in order to see where Mercedes is taking the inspiration for it, go to this link and learn something about their S-Class vehicles.