Supra Rides For Only $20! Amazing Results!

This guy known as Sik2jz, offered rides in his very fast, tuned +1000HP Toyota Supra for only $20.

Supra Rides For Only 20 - 1

He just wanted to makes some random guys happy and put a big smile on their faces and take all of them for an amazing ride in his superfast car. However, we think the price of $20 is just symbolic if you have in mind how much money, time and effort are invested in this beautiful ride. Maybe he should give them a bowl of ice after the ride, as all the people that took a ride looked more or less stressed. Who knows it was maybe because of the hot weather. However, they should all put their seat belt on. Do you agree with me?

I would pay even more to this guy when I was a kid, so he would just pick me up from school. Anyway, if I owned this 1000HP Toyota Supra I would not let anyone in it…especially not on the driver’s seat. 🙂 What about you?

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