How Much It Will Cost You To Build A 1000HP Toyota Supra Turbo?

YouTuber Sik2jz is an owner of an extremely powerful Supra that has been built to deliver staggering 1000 horses. His has various videos doing all kinds of stuff with his Supra. Because of that, the popularity of his channel is constantly increasing. Last time we wrote about his Supra, Sik2jz wanted to discover how much would CarMax appraise the 1000HP Toyota Supra turbo monster. However, as it was expected, CarMax offered a ridiculous amount of money, only measly $15,000. He didn`t sell it of course, not that he wanted to in the first place, he just wanted to see how much they would appraise it.

So, for that matter, after receiving many requests and questions from fans for what the 1000HP Toyota Supra turbo actually costs to build one, Sik2jz decided to give us a full rundown. He elaborates since the very beginning when he bought the stock vehicle, everything he has done to the vehicle and how much everything costs. He also gives neat tips and tricks to what he would`ve done differently if he had to do this all over again. This video summaries perfectly on what you can expect if you have ideas to build a 1000HP Toyota Supra. Watch the video below and enjoy!

Before you go, watch in action the fastest Toyota Supra in the Middle East!