STOCK Vs STOCK! 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat! American Muscle VS Italian Sport Car! Check Out This Lamborghini Drag Race versus Dodge!

It is one thing when you see a drag race where everyone can win. Those are the kinds where a tuned buggy cart wins over a stock Mustang GT! Motor lovers always respected the stock races more. That`s why we decided to bring to you this Lamborghini drag race versus a Dodge! The cool thing about these two is that they are both stock to the bone! The Lamborghini Huracan looks mean but the Dodge Hellcat does not allow to be the underdog!

Having a high performance vehicle in your possession, at least for a while, makes you want to do stuff that you would not normally do. Racing, for instance. Even if you are not the type of guy that prefers racing, a fast car can clearly change your mind. The video for today presents a series of drag races between two similar, yet different automobiles. Similar in terms of speed, but way different in terms of price. 2015 Huracan against 2015 Hellcat, both stock! This is really an amazing Lamborghini Drag Race versus Dodge!

What really characterizes these several races is the fact that the Lambo driver does not own it! He was supposed to deliver it to the owner (to be) but he decided to have a little fun for himself first. Albeit, this decision might seem cool, it is definitely not. It is simply not ethical to use somebody else`s ride for your own entertainment, without notifying the person who owns the vehicle! Fortunately, nothing bad happened and maybe the Lambo owner will never find out. But we would die to know what could possibly happen if he finds out someday. Also, we think that this whole idea backfired. The Hellcat was dominating all the time! This Lamborghini Drag Race versus a Dodge is truly amazing!

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