Stunning McLaren P1 Car Overview & Test Drive VIDEO!

The McLaren P1 Car model is already released. We had a little sneak peak of the car in Los Angeles before it is presented to the world. When we entered McLaren`s base in Los Angeles we got the possibility to see a lot of their precious models such as for example the 12C and of course the one we came for, the P1.

Let`s first pay attention to the exterior. It`s immaculate. Especially the way the LED tail lights fit in the whole curvy lining of the car. The vehicle is painted deep orange and the elements made of carbon are rather emphasized making the car look like a real science fiction movie monster. The grille is hexagonal and the whole car is molded out of curves. Not a single straight line! Furthermore, carbon is present all over the vehicle.

The vehicle is not well carved only from the outside. It is really greatly done from mechanical point of view, too. Since McLaren wanted this McLaren P1 Car to perform as perfectly as it looks, it included a KERS kit able to produce 800 hp, then adjustable dampers, hi-tech traction control and pushrod suspension.

As for the interior, we could not say much about it since it was being made while we were there, meaning it was not still ready. However, we succeeded to see that the interior included carbon fiber and weight saving proportions. The car will have its first official public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland which is just few months away

Finally, you can see one of the purest Mclarens on the market. Click on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

mclaren p1


Watch the McLaren P1 testing at Top Gear track:

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