Stolen NASCAR Race Car No.44 Found In Atlanta!

Believe it or not this NASCAR Race Car with No.44 was stolen years ago and now has been found in suburban Atlanta! Obviously people would steal anything that is not bolted to the ground.

Stolen NASCAR Race Car No44 Found In Atlanta 2

However, we all have something that is worthwhile, so we need to take the best possible measures in order to protect it. Obviously some people would make an elaborated plan to steal any belonging if they have a chance. They don’t actually care about the money and the hard work you have invested in that product, so they deserve the highest punishment. I hope you will all agree…

This time the thefts went to another level. They have stolen a $250.000 stock NASCAR race car from the truck trailer together with all thos racing car parts. The truck trailer and the racing car parts (in order to transform this stock car into a NASCAR race car) are not included in the price tag.

Luckily someone who already knows about this case, has spotted the race car in the suburban Atlanta and reported to the police in order to get it recovered. So, we hope they will be able to track the thefts and put them behind the bars.

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