Staying Safe When You Break Down on the Road

Your car’s break down on the road is not only an inconvenience, but it can turn into a dangerous situation, especially late at night. If you have to make an emergency stop on the side of the road in Ireland, here are a few tips for keeping yourself safe.

Staying Safe When You Break Down on the Road 2

Park as Far Off the Road as Possible

Get out on the other side if possible or make sure you have enough room to exit the vehicle safely. Park far enough off the road to enable you to get in and out of the vehicle with no risk of being hit by a passing car. If you have your mobile phone you are better off staying inside your vehicle until help arrives.

Signal Other Drivers to Go Around

Turning on your flashers lets other drivers know you will not be moving and it is safe for them to pass or go around you. It also tells law enforcement that you need assistance and have safely moved out of traffic to wait for help to come.

Walk a Safe Distance from the Vehicle

If you had to park on the shoulder and there is not much room you may want to walk a safe distance from the vehicle to call for help. Accidents have occurred when a motorist runs into a parked car that was too close to the road. Make sure you are in a safe area when you park.  If it is light out and you feel comfortable being out of the vehicle, then find a spot nearby to wait.

Call for Assistance

When you break down on the roadway you need to get help as soon as possible. You can call a local garage to come and tow you. You may be charged an additional fee if your insurance policy doesn`t cover it. In the case of a breakdown, even if you have to pay a few dollars it is worth knowing you aren`t stuck sitting on the side of the road. The AA Ireland provides emergency roadside assistance for stranded drivers anywhere in the Ireland and UK along with a variety of car insurance services. Your insurance coverage can save you a lot of out-of-pocket costs for covered services.

Do Not Attempt to Repair the Vehicle on the Road

The first thing people do when they have a breakdown is to raise the hood to look around. This is not a good position to be in and you should not attempt any repairs on the road. People have been injured by a passing car while trying to fix a vehicle on the side of the road. Safety is the most important thing, everything else can wait.

If you do not have your mobile phone but can make it safely to an emergency phone, do it. Be sure to walk in the direction facing traffic at all times so they can see you and you can see what is around you. Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. Give your location to emergency services by using the mile markers on the roadway.

Walk safely back to your vehicle and wait for help to arrive. Make sure to tell anyone who stops to see if you need help, that help is on the way. This will deter anyone with not-so-good intentions.