Six BUGATTI Veyrons Passing An AUDI TT At Over 150MPH! Unbelievable Footage!

The state of Idaho is mainly known for its gemstones, potatoes and its odd shape as well. However, lately, we can also add high-dollar hypercars to that list, for some reason. For the Sun Valley Rally, a pack of up to six Bugatti Veyron hypercars were seen practicing high-speed overtaking. This spectacular moment occurred on Highway 75. The entire footage is filmed from the inside of an Audi TT. The Audi is just minding its business while going at 75mph. When suddenly, a pack of Veyrons storm by their VW cousin. The Veyrons reached staggering speeds at over 150 mph!

You may ask, is this even legal? Well, kind of. For the Sun Valley Rally that happens annually, the county sheriff allows a 3.2-mile stretch of road to be used for maxing out the speedometer. However, the road is blocked so the participants won`t be hindered by normal road vehicles. We are not sure when this took place, but it was probably before the event. The lineup of Bugatti Veyron hypercars feature a Veyron 16.4, one-off Pur Blanc Super Sport and four Vitesses Grand Sport. This is truly unbelievable. Imagine seeing a pack of 6 Veyrons in the rearview mirror.

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