This Sea-Doo Spark Evo Is An Unique Blend Between Go Kart And Jet Ski!

Jet skis come in all shapes and sizes and many people thing they are fairly affordable. Well, in most cases this is true. However, there are some exceptions to this belief and we are here to show you exactly why. At first sight the name Sea-Doo Spark Evo might not interest you very much. That is until you hear that this hybrid machine is the perfect blend between a Go Kart and jet ski. Moreover, the price of these modified jet skis is usually much higher than one might expect. 

sea-doo spark evo 2

So, what exactly are we talking about? How can this even be possible? Well, all it took was a great idea, some effort and in no time, you have a masterpiece. The Sea-Doo Spark Evo actually is a jet ski with a mounted Go Kart cage. The basic idea is that you can actually sit down and even though you are on the water, feel like you are out there on the road. This simple yet stunning change makes this watercraft truly unique and desirable.  

However, the greatest thing is that this unique kit can be yours! Yes, the guys from American Jet Concept made this possible and for a price around $5500 you can have your very own Spark Evo. We are so happy to learn that this simple kit was designed in such a way that everyone can install it.

This will immediately turn your Spark into something way more spectacular. It basically takes jet skis to a whole new level or as the guys from AJC say, a mini race boat. To be honest, they are not far away from the truth. 

As you can see from the video down below, the Sea-Doo Spark Evo is amazing. The video was made by Florida Ski Riders and it perfectly shows what this beauty really is about. Some might say that the price of the kit is somewhat high but can you argue against having a Go Kart and a jet ski all in one? You certainly cannot!

It is very interesting to see the steering wheel. It is the same steering wheel from a Go Kart. Moreover, this makes the watercraft that much better. Those who enjoy regular jet skis will definitely enjoy the handling of the Spark Evo. It just feels and looks much, much better. 

sea-doo spark evo

The video also shows how easy the Sea-Doo Spark Evo moves around the obstacles. It moves in a zig zag motion and the speed of it is very spectacular too. For a regular Spark this might have been more difficult to perform.

This is one of the biggest advantages of this modified watercraft. Actions speak louder than words and this is why you must take a closer look at the whole video. Take your time and make sure that you see every movement. Just image how different it is if you have a regular jet ski. Head-to-head comparison might be something fairly interesting, who knows!