Roll Up vs. Tri Fold Tonneau Covers

If you own a pickup truck, it is a good idea to have a tonneau cover. This is a protective top that fits in your truck bed. These truck bed covers help to keep rain, snow, dirt and other unwanted things out of the bed of your truck. It is also a great way to provide some extra security and aerodynamic qualities for your vehicle. However, there are many options to choose from when picking the tonneau covers. You may find yourself unsure of where to start.

Roll Up vs Tri Fold Tonneau Covers 1

Using a Roll Up Cover

As the name implies, a roll up cover fits over the top of your truck bed and can be rolled up towards the rear window like a tarpaulin. However, unlike an improvised cover, a roll up tonneau cover can seal against the sides of the bed. This gives you the flexibility of a soft cover with great waterproofing characteristics.

In many cases, installing these soft covers is very easy. They can frequently be clamped to the rails simply. Additionally, a roll up cover can be removed when needed. Since it rolls into a small package, access to the bed is relatively easy.

Of course, soft covers do not provide as much protection from snow and rain (you will need to clean them off regularly to avoid ripping from the weight). Additionally, they offer less security than hard covers.

Using a Tri Fold Cover

A tri fold bed cover works a little differently. Many tri folds have a hard top; however, some are a soft material stretched over a frame. The frame has three sections that can fold over each other. This allows the cover to be folded up towards the rear window.

Some tri folds always cover the portion of the bed nearest the cabin. Others have a system that allows that section to be lifted up and out of the way.

Typically, tri fold covers are harder to install and remove. However, they also provide better security and can usually handle more weight on top of them (a huge benefit in snowy areas). Additionally, many people think that they look a lot better than roll up covers. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.

Which Is Right for You?

Consider what reasons you are purchasing a tonneau cover for. If you want something that makes using your entire bed simple, consider getting a roll up cover. If you want the best possible aerodynamic characteristics and security, consider a hard-top tri fold cover.

Additionally, the difference between covers can also vary greatly between models. So, regardless of the style you choose, your experience will have heavily impacted by the individual cover you select.

Order Your Tonneau Cover Today

From the floor mats to the brakes, keeping your truck well-maintained can help you to enjoy driving and owning it more. Having a tonneau cover can make your truck bed much more practical. It means that you can protect luggage from the weather and from any prying eyes or sticky fingers. Check out some of the great truck bed covers on the market today.