REVENGE STORY: Man Wheels 300,000 Pennies To PAY TAXES ON 2 CARS!

This guy is pushing a wheelbarrow full of pennies into the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to pay a bill. That`s one gigantic piggy bank alright. Nick Stafford, an American businessman, decided to take revenge by paying one huge bill using not one but five wheelbarrows that are filled with pennies. The staff at the DMV office in Lebanon, Virginia had to count each penny by hand, and there were 297,745 of them! This translates into $2987,45. After getting the pennies from the bank, he needed to buy 5 wheelbarrows in order to carry 1,600 lbs of pennies. He sure was committed for this revenge story.

All 5 wheelbarrows cost 2,000 dollars. So, this ended up costing him a lot of money, but was it all really worth it? Well, Nick Stafford said that he proved his point to the DMV bureaucrats and the state of Virginia. Because the pennies needed 7 hours to be counted, the staff at the DMV stayed overnight till the next morning. Nick Stafford had been fighting with the Department of Motor Vehicles after they denied direct phone numbers to the agency`s offices in his area. He said that since they were going to take time out of his day, he was going to extend that same courtesy to them. Take a look at this crazy revenge story in the video below.

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