Security Guard Breathing Smoke As Revenge For Ruining A Race! Justice Was Served!

Is there anything better for a gearhead than a good race? We don`t think so! However, the video we are sharing with you today has a very interesting twist! Two drivers decided to race each other to see which one is faster. Just hearing the sound of the engines these two beasts have, got our adrenaline running wild! Both drivers had a good start, and just as things were starting to get interesting, something unexpected happened!

A security guard used his car to cut in front of the racing cars, bringing the race to an abrupt end! This was shocking for both the racers and the spectators next to the starting line. We get it that it was a street race and that it was probably illegal, but there were no cars in sight! What the security guard did could have ended in a horrific accident! Luckily, no one was hurt by the security guards actions. However, one Ford driver decided to take “revenge“ at the security guard, and made him breathing smoke after an amazing burnout!

If we were part of a race, and someone decided to interrupt it for no reason whatsoever, we would have been annoyed. A lot! But the thing is that everyone has a different way of dealing with other people. Some are quite original, and that is the case with the Ford driver in this video. He decided to go right in front of the security guard`s car, and to do an incredible burnout right there! The security guard was breathing smoke and his car was nowhere to be seen after the burnout!

We have to admit that this is one really unique way of getting back at somebody. We can only imagine what was going on in the security guard`s head after that burnout. Nonetheless, we hope that he will never try to interrupt a race ever again.

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