The RECORD BREAKING McLaren P1 LM Conquered the Nurburgring!

When it comes to racing tracks, most of you have probably heard of Nürburgring, also known as “The Ring”. For those of you that haven`t, this is the track where you could push a car to the absolute limit. It has many sudden turns and twists, which makes it so difficult to drive on. Many car manufacturers test their cars here. While many records have been set, many have been overtaken. Such is the case with the McLaren P1 LM. This beast of a car set a new record on the track, completing it in just 6:43:22 and launching itself at the top.

The previous record holder was none other than the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Despite its furious look, the McLaren P1 LM performance is truly mesmerizing. It handles the turns with ease, its acceleration is perfect and the sound it makes would surely give you goose bumps. On the video you can see the car`s interior. This car is anyone`s dream for sure, a must have if you are a cars collector. What do you think, who can overtake the top from the McLaren P1 LM or can it be overtaken at all? We will wait and see.

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