Learn How To DRIVE On The Most Famous Corner At NURBURGRING!

The reason you are here reading this article, means that you are a guy (probably), that loves everything linked with Nurburgring! So, what is it that is so attractive about this famous track? Is it the excitement? All the races that took place or is it the famous corner, per se? Oh yes, the Nurburgring Karussell! So, if it is the Karussell that reminds you of Nurburgring the most – here is what we have for you! The Nurburgring Karussell is a 180 degree corner with patches out of concrete that go along with the center. Car brand companies love this place to test their future models. Also, many famous drift actions and unfortunately, devastating crashes happened right at Nurburgring. Therefore, the question that bothers all is how to beat the corner this track is famous for?!

We are not trying to ruin the video for you, so we will be as brief as possible in this article. However, in order to tackle the Nurburgring Karussell, two main ways are available! The late turn in is the first one. Stay to the right as long as possible, even when you think you are on your right long enough – you are not! Moreover, keep your eyes wide open. The rest is in the video, enjoy!

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