Las Vegas Reality TV Auto Shop Claims Ex Employee Stole $75,000!

Have you heard that this Reality TV AUTO SHOP COUNT’S KUSTOMS from Las Vegas claims that their Ex employee stole $75K from their company before he left? Probably all of you heard about Count`s Kustoms from Counting Cars and most of you has already watched this Tv Show on the History Chanel. They are restoring all kinds of amazing classic cars and trucks and we love all their custom touches. However, when it comes to the big money, they can really complicate everything and that was the case with the Counting Cars and their ex employee.

Reality TV AUTO SHOP From Las Vegas Claims Ex Employee Stole 75K 2

As could be read in some famous newspapers from Las Vegas, the company for motorbike and hot rod customization and restoration the “Counting Cars” already accuses their ex employee Joseph Frontiera for using the company’s money to buy personal plane tickets and make down payment for his own Range Rover. He also used the company’s stamp to stamp checks and even failed to pay business’ taxes on time which resulted in an $18k of penalty.

However, it is little suspicious why the company has not accused their former employee Joseph Frontiera since May this year… Obviously their is always two different sides of the story.

So, which side of this company vs employee battle you are on?