Real Street Drifting: “From Russia With Love”! Check it out!

Real Street Drifting: “From Russia With Love” (FULL HD)! This could happen only in RUSSIA… or in some other European countries as well….

Sadly but truly, street drifting is slowly but surely, vanishing from the World! It was not so long ago when almost every weekend you could go to certain places in town to watch a street drift or drag race! For now, we knew Tokyo and Japan as one of the last Strongholds of Street Racing!!! Moreover, we now have Russia joining the club!!! Here is a great video for you guys, where you can catch up with some Russian Drifters, check out their rides and see some races!!! We are leaving you know to lain back on your chair and enjoy!!!

Awesome video guys! It looks so fun!

Brushed Metal Lamborghini Gallardo With Flamethrower on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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